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“I was first introduced to theophostic in 2002 when Frank Meadows came to our church to teach on Theophostic. Shortly thereafter, I flew down to Virginia to get theophostic ministry. Prior to the training I had suffered with anxiety and fear since I was a small child. After having theophostic with Frank I felt like a backpack full of heavy weights had been lifted from me. I never realized how heavy the load was until it was lifted. I felt free and with each passing day I realized that my life had changed. I no longer struggled with paralyzing fear and anxiety and my relationship with my husband was better than I ever imagined. It has been 13 years and I still am free and the triggers that so often plagued me are no longer part of my life. I thank God for this ministry and for Frank who faithfully allows himself to be used of the holy spirit to bring lasting healing and change.” – N. M. from Rhode Island.

Dear Frank, I was blessed to have counseling with you early last year, 2011. I have wanted to write this for a very long time and apologize for not sending it sooner. I had so much pain in my life. I loved Jesus so much yet found myself a divorced woman twice. How could this be I asked myself. I had made very poor choices and had a great fear of abandonment. After having a two day session with Frank I can truly say I went home a much stronger person and ready to face the world as a single woman of 51. Jesus showed me through theophostic healing that He really was there beside me through all the pain I had experienced as a young child and adult. I felt healing in my heart take place and a light was able to shine through the darkness. It literally felt as though a grey sky of darkness was replaced with light as Frank gently allowed me to find the deep hurt and release it. I am happy to say nearly two years later I am in a much better place in my life! I learned to be alone and an amazing thing happened ….I’m very happy to say…. After much prayer and healing, God brought a wonderful man in my life who is a true man of God and treats me like a princess. We are now married and equally yoked. I am a better mom to my childrena and enjoying life and my horses again. Frank helped me through Gods healing to realize I was not to be abused. I want to add, however , I now realize no one can complete us, not a spouse or a career , true completion comes from Jesus and a healed heart that recognizes this. Frank, I thank you for helping me to fully understand these things. God bless you. Warmly , – D. R. from PA

I was a very broken person when I recommitted my life back to Lord in 2000 after many prodigal years. I had suffered a very abusive marriage, was bulimic, had an extremely low self esteem and spent most of my time escaping from life and searching for love in all the wrong places. I cried to the Lord for freedom and He heard my cry. The Lord led me through many years of emotional, spiritual and physical healing through various books I read, DVD’s I watched, conferences I attended and prayers of others. I even went through a one week “Restoring the Foundations” Healing week, which brought a lot of breakthroughs and a lot more freedom.

Even after all the inner healing, I still faced something I could not explain and did not know how to deal with. Almost every time I would worship, an aching cry would resonate within me and I would be brought to tears. I would watch people as they worshiped with joy in their faces and that was not something I could personally relate to and I had a very difficult time accepting that the Father loved me. I also had a very difficult time receiving or accepting compliments spoken by other people, as I basically did not believe that the words being spoken were true.

When in Virginia Beach in February 2010, I attended a Kingdom Living School seminar and Frank was speaking the first night about Theophostic Inner Healing and showed a DVD about a woman who had a recollection of being sexually molested as a child. I sobbed the whole time the DVD was shown and I thought my reaction was triggered by the molestation I had suffered as a small child. As I watched the DVD I continually heard certain words about myself. I took a piece of paper and wrote those words down. I wrote: “I am worthless, not good enough, incapable, inadequate, not beautiful enough, very bad, always getting into trouble, can do nothing right, clumsy, always making a mess” etc. I could not understand where those words were coming from and why I was still battling with them after so much inner healing.

I could not sleep that night, and I knew that I had to personally speak with Frank and to try to arrange some counseling time with him. I was introduced to Frank and after brief discussions Frank graciously made time available for me. I arrived at the clinic thinking that I would be dealing with the issue being molested as a child, even though I had received inner healing for that before. Never did I imagine what that day would expose.
Frank spent some time preliminarily asking me about my family and my very early childhood and we prayed into some areas and took a break. During the break I continued to hear the word “hiding”. I informed Frank what I heard and he asked me if I would allow the Holy Spirit to show me what it was I was hiding and I agreed. Immediately I saw a tunnel before me, and at the end of the tunnel I saw a picture of my mother beating me. I jumped back in my seat and said “impossible! No way!” and continued to reject what I had just seen. Frank gently said “you saw something didn’t you?” and I responded “yes, but that is not possible”. I had always believed and even would say “my mother never hit me when I was growing up”. Frank led me through the process of allowing the Holy Spirit to show me pictures of what happened to me when I was a young child, Picture after picture I would see my mother beating me, which I had absolutely no recollection of. I would see my mother beating me with a belt, hitting me and slapping me, kicking me at different times and for different reasons between the ages of 2 and 6 years old. I even saw myself defiant and even protecting my brother at times. I also saw her mouth moving, but I could not hear what she was saying. I informed Frank about this and he again led me with the Holy Spirit to hear the words coming out of my mother’s mouth. An explosion of words hurled out of my mother’s mouth in the language we spoke at home, and as I heard each word, I would speak it out in our home language, and then translate it into English and Frank would write it down. The words listed were almost identical to the words I had written on the piece of paper days before. The words I heard and believed about myself, my mother beat into me.

Frank led me through prayers of forgiveness, and stated that “your true identity was stolen”. I realized and agreed “my identity was stolen”. Frank led me through prayers to reclaim my identity.

It was so hard for me to believe that my mother could have been so cruel and the beatings and trauma so severe that I had blocked it from my memory. I however received such a release that day that was life changing.
Having reclaimed my identity I returned back to the hotel where I was staying, and opened up my computer to check my e-mails. In my “inbox” there was an e-mail from my mother, subject matter: “my identity was stolen”. I was so shocked to read those words as I had not shared what happened to me that day with anyone. My mother’s email shared how someone on that very day had stolen her identification and withdrew large amounts of money from her bank account from three different banks. The very day I had reclaimed my identity which was stolen through the beating and words spoken over me by my mother, my mother’s identity was stolen. The spiritual link was profound.

One that day, I decided to take one year to work out my true identity and it has been an incredible year of self discovery and freedom. I no longer believe I am worthless, or incapable or not good enough etc. The false identity which had been beaten into me has been replaced by my true identity, and the truest one of all is that I am so loved by the Father and He heard my cries that I wanted to be free and He freed me. Now when I worship Him, there is no deeper cry within me but only joy. I also walk with my head up and enjoy a love for myself I never experienced, but even a greater feeling of God’s presence and that the Father really loves me and that I am worthy to be loved.

R. from Canada

I read and heard so many teachings on “getting a break-through”, “just hanging in there”, “working the plan”, “having faith and healing will come” and I spent many years doing all those things. I went forward for prayer so many times, sought Christian counseling, listened to inspirational tapes, read the literature, practiced the steps privately, and kept busy, but it was not until I submitted to Theophostic prayer ministry with Frank Meadows that I saw progress in my deliverance. For seventeen years, I was a bulimic, depressed and committed to a destructive life pattern. Four months in an eating disorders program “dried me out” but didn’t relieve me of the underlying emotional struggles that triggered the behavior. For years I “white- knuckled” my efforts to keep sober and restricted my diet to safe foods and unusual eating patterns, yet the depression and anger remained- just under the surface, barely noticeable, but when exposed, quite frightening. Suppressed emotions from childhood permeated my every action. “If the real ME were to be known, I wouldn’t be liked or tolerated.” But then came Theophostic Prayer Ministry. There I stepped into another realm of listening to God in the midst of my pain. It was amazing to see in the spiritual realm His care and love for me, to watch His defensive posture to my pain, and to know that I was loved, that I was unique, and that I had a purpose. Suddenly in gaining a perception of who I was in Him, the need to repress my thoughts and emotions was alleviated. With no direct addressal to the eating disorder, my fears of food and sharing a meal with others completely dissipated.

Would I recommend Theophostic prayer ministry to others…definitely. If you submit your will to God’s, you’ll get more blessing than you bargain for.

T. S. from Kentucky

I am very grounded in the Word of God and my 30 year relationship with the Lord but I still benefited from Theophostic Prayer ministry.
I had spent 15 years of my 29 year marriage reading Christian self help books, attending Christian support groups, seeing a Christian counselor, receiving deliverance ministry for the parental neglect, violence in our home growing up, sexual abuse and guilt and shame for “my past”. I thought I had gotten over the hump and was coasting downhill freely.
My friend of 25 years started training for Theophostic Ministry and recommended I get all the materials as well. So I did. I tried to read the manual, listen to the DVD’s, but there was a block. I looked up on the Theophostic web site directory and saw Meadows Healing Prayer Center just 30 minutes from my house. I tried to contact Frank to see if he had classes for people wanting to learn the ministry. I think at the time the answer was no. So I didn’t pursue the ministry any further.

Then in September of 2008, an explosion of an IED in Afghanistan burned our oldest son and I went to San Antonio for six months to be his “non-medical attendant”. I was thrust into a very grueling time spiritually and physically, as I had to do things for my grown son that mothers do for their babies. The Lord gave me a special grace spiritually, “when I am weak, then I am strong”.

I had to leave my husband with my 3 teenage children. He was recovering from a horrific motorcycle accident with major injuries he received in July and wasn’t even driving yet. This time was very stressful for all of them also. I found out one of my sons was injuring himself from the stress and sadness of all that was going on in our family. I left my oldest son even though he was not ready to solo yet, and came home to another crisis. I could bandage the wounds of my oldest but I knew I couldn’t bandage my younger son. I needed help! I contacted Frank and he started ministry with him.

My friend who was in ministry was so excited that someone who ministered Theophostic prayer was so close to us. One day I was wailing on the phone with her from the deepest part of my soul as I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my body and I was crying out to God . . . she told me to make an appointment with Frank.
I thought I could work through the grief and stress that had built up if given enough time, so I didn’t call right away. The Lord finally convinced me and I made an appointment. After Frank heard all that had been going on, he asked me if I thought it was time to take care of me. That was hard for me because I didn’t want to think I needed fixing. I had to be the strong one . . . lie based thinking. He told me that when I came for an appointment it was MY time. Gosh, MY time? So we started meeting weekly and I would have tears flowing as I walked in the room. Every week I felt like a ball bouncing off the walls in the unrelated presenting issues. But each week the Lord was faithful to take that surface topic and bring me back to things I thought I had dealt with during that first 15 years of marriage.

It was hard for me to relax and not think of the clock and how much time I had left so we tried a two and a half hour session and it was so productive and much more relaxing, so we had another one and made great strides in listening to the Lord and replacing lies I had believed with the truth. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!” John 8:32
As the weeks went by the anger began melting away, I was becoming “softer”. The Lord began revealing my feminine qualities and characteristics that were retarded in development due to my past.

After several sessions, I brought my 19 year old daughter for Theophostic Prayer with Frank. She has learning difficulties, Asperger’s tendencies and obsessive compulsive behavior that resulted in self image issues as well as rejection from peers. She came out beaming after every meeting with Frank and would share with me multiple lies that the Lord revealed to her in that one session. She was thankful to the Lord for Frank.

Frank is very perceptive to the Holy Spirit’s guiding in the sessions. He has gained wisdom in his years of effective ministry. His professional yet “easy going” demeanor puts anyone at ease. I am like an open book, but my son was such a private person, yet now, feels comfortable working with Frank.

I praise God for Frank, the Meadows Healing Prayer Center and Theophostic Prayer!

Tanya Brown, Suffolk, VA

When I reflect on what has taken place in my life in the past two months I am so very thankful. I am in awe. I look back how God Himself orchestrated everything to come together in the course of everything falling apart. I marvel at His perfect timing, His divine appointments, and His set ups.
In a class that Frank Meadows taught on Theophostic Prayer Ministry earlier this year I was amazed how good I felt after Jesus came and spoke His loving truth, dispelling the lies I had believed in two memories with my dad. Jesus was right there with me speaking His truth and love deep into my heart, mind and spirit. Out of that experience I became hungry for more healing. My desire is for wholeness, for truth from the inside out.
God is always right on time. I ran into Frank and he asked if i was still interested in Theophostic ministry. I was very excited and fearful not knowing where this would lead. But, I trust God. From that day I continually asked Jesus to stir things up so that everything that needed to come to the surface would. Believe me, everyday God was faithful to stir everything up. Thank God that everything works together for my good because I’m in love with Jesus! He is always for me. I have chosen to run the race set before me. God’s grace is always sufficient.

Two weeks later I had my first appointment with Frank. I let everything out that has been going on the past several years. I couldn’t believe I said all that I did but I needed to do that. I feel safe and comfortable talking to Frank. I know I can trust him and he is confidential. We did some Theophostics and I got rid of some anger. Upon Frank’s advice I bought the book,”Boundaries”, and read it immediately. I also ordered, “Love is a Choice”, and, “Codependent No More”. The thought of setting boundaries caused great fear to rise up in my heart, not knowing what my husband’s response would be. My next appointment the fear was dispelled and God’s peace took it’s place.

God is healing my broken heart and my mind is being renewed. It is incredible. In church one evening God spoke to me saying, “I will love you just the same if you never set a boundary or break free from being codependent. But, to advance in this season to where you can grow and flow in another dimension, this is My time for your freedom. I will hold your hand. I am strengthening you. You can do this.”

I have taken ownership of allowing people to use me and I have repented of that. I feel free! There has been lots of dying to self which is wonderful and freeing. After previously only being able to threaten I resigned from my part in an organization due to misappropriation of funds. I also was able to set some other boundaries with my husband. My husband is treating me better than he ever did previously.

Each time I go for Theophostic prayer ministry I feel more free, more peaceful, more joyful. It is wonderful. Jesus led me to Jer. 29:11, “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out-plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for”. Many abandonment memories have been healed. I feel very free and I feel good about me and who I am. After one session Jesus showed me a brick wall with a big hole and then the hole being filled in. The next day Jesus said concerning that wall, “where there once was a HOLE, there is now WHOLENESS”. It’s only God that can do that.

I no longer fear being abandoned by my husband. I feel safe and secure in the palm of God’s hand. He told me, “I will never leave you or forsake you. You are my special little girl”. I am complete in Him. I am being set free to be me, to be the person God created me to be. I honestly know that God who has begun this good work in me will complete it. I know it is true.

From the time things were not as they should of been with my husband and I, until this time of healing ministry, I had reverted to all my old thought patterns about myself: feeling unloved, rejected, fearing abandonment, not feeling like i was liked or loved for being me, feeling worthless, fearful, angry, and just plain bad and miserable. Now, I really can’t remember what that all felt like. I like me. I like who I am. I know that I know I am loved, important, of great worth to my heavenly Dad. He will never abandon me or reject me now or ever. I am no longer fearful. I don’t feel like I have to perform to be loved or liked. I am happy being me and if others don’t like who I am it’s O.K. Their feelings are their problem, not mine. WOW!!!! I have never felt this free and the freedom increases with each passing week. Free at last!

L. M., Virginia Beach

About a year ago I actually made an appointment and went in to see Frank. I wanted to find out if he could help me. I had watched him minister for about 5 years – even went to two of his seminars on Theophostic prayer ministry. I watched others that I knew who were seeing him. I watched with amazement at their growth and transformation. Maybe he could help me. It was worth a try.

At the time, I was miserable. I was depressed. I felt like I lived behind a wall of Plexiglas that I could never break through. I was there but not always totally engaged. I felt like I missed God’s best for me – like I had failed him (and everyone else in my life). I had recently been having panic attacks and confusion. Yet, I could not put my finger on what would possibly be the cause.

I was 64, happily married for about as many years. My husband and I raised three children who are all nicely married and have given us 8 beautiful grandchildren. I was enjoying being retired.

I had become a Christian at eight years of age. Always loved the Lord. Tried to do what was right. Received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit when I was in my twenties. With my husband, owned a Christian bookstore and ministered full time. Received a degree in Biblical Studies and a certificate in Early Childhood Development. Used both of those to the best of my ability. Was ordained and for a time an associate pastor.

So why was I so very miserable? And, why couldn’t I climb out of that pit? Why did I feel like I had to strive just to get through each day?

I got tired of the battle and I gave up and went to see Frank.
That’s when the Holy Spirit showed me the lies that I had believed because of my abusive upbringing. The lies lay buried in the core of my being. Even though my head knew the God’s truth and God’s Word, they hadn’t replaced the lies that I took in as a child.

Week by week the Holy Spirit revealed the lies and Frank guided me straight to Jesus and His Truth. Week by week the walls came down, the lies exposed, and freedom came. Now I can believe and experience the love of my heavenly Father. I realized that could be a human “being”, not a human “doing”.

More balance came into my life. I can say “No”, and I can say “Yes”. It is even okay to have fun. I am more present in all situations. One of the grandest experiences has been my ability to feel – to feel more emotion, to feel life, to notice details of color and smell. I even dilly-dally and not feel guilty! And I am trying all sorts of new things. Something I would never have done before.

I am so thankful for Frank’s ministry, his easy manner, and expertise. But, thankful most of all for his willingness to listen and wait on the Holy Spirit with this patient.

JW, Virginia

“…….Wanted you to know that now that life has gotten back to normal, (whatever that is…), I can really tell a difference: so much more peace, sleeping better for the first time in decades, and a real change in my relationship with my daughter, which totally surprised me! Her attitude toward me has softened and become much more warm and loving, for which I am very, very grateful to the Lord and to you. Thank you, my Brother!”
M. M.

In the winter of 2005 I drove 8 hours to work with Frank Meadows. I came to him broken, frustrated and desperate. I had been struggling for almost 2 years with the pain of childhood victimization. In 2003, after the birth of my daughter, repressed memories of victimization began flooding my mind. Body memories and flashbacks made it almost impossible to fulfill my roles as mother and wife. Getting through the day, taking care of my young children’s needs, and being physically intimate with my husband were becoming more and more difficult.

Finally, after two years of struggling I made the 8-hour trip to Virginia Beach and in a day and a half I spent 10 hours receiving Theophostic Ministry from Frank. Through God’s power, Frank’s anointing and my desperation to heal, God used the time with Frank to do a mighty work in my life. Groundwork was laid for my complete healing and restoration. It’s been almost one year since I travelled to see Frank and every ounce of effort put into making that journey has paid off. It’s been at least 9 months since deep depression and despair have plagued me. It has also been a really long time since I have parented on ‘autopilot’ or have been triggered by physical intimacy with my husband.

I am walking in a new freedom and have been restored. Life is still life but I am now better able to manage it because as life happens, major wounds are not being triggered; many of those triggers no longer exist. And when things do come up, I use the tools of Theophostic Ministry in my own personal time, as Frank modeled for me in our time together. Frank’s ministry and God’s intervention saved my life, my marriage, and my children’s childhood.


I heard about Theophostic Prayer from a friend at church who said it changed her life. I was searching for help for my daughter who had anorexia. She was in traditional counseling with a psychologist and a psychiatrist for 14 months. She was so medicated she had a difficult time functioning and she was cutting her wrist with scissors. She missed her entire junior year of high school. The doctors wanted to put her in a hospital and said she would be on medication for 2 to 3 years after treatment in case she had a relapse.

Fortunately, Frank was presenting the basic Theophostic seminar by video. My friend offered to go along and introduce me as he was her counselor. I was amazed and excited with what I learned. It made such sense and knew this was an answer to my prayers. I quickly made an appointment with Frank to start seeing my daughter. She was also found to have OCD and dissociation. Within 5 months, she was off all medications and was able to return to school for her senior year. She now in her 3rd year of college and is very healthy with no relapse at all because of the true healing she received through Jesus Christ.

My husband stated to see Frank when my daughter was diagnosed with OCD because we understood it was inherited. He displayed many of the traits and we could see where this led back through his family. It was a relief to have answers to why he did things the way he did even though we did not know to question it, “it’s just the way it was.” He also had to confront the fact that he was an alcoholic. My husband found healing through Jesus Christ using Theophostic and Frank’s counseling on some large issues.

I began seeing Frank a few months after my husband started going because I was determined to understand what was wrong with my family. If something was wrong with me then I too wanted healing like I was seeing with my daughter and husband. I could tell right away that Frank’s faith was very strong. Although he was compassionate he also challenged me to see where I was co-dependent. He walked me through the process of Theophostic and as soon as I made the choice to let Jesus have what I was holding on to – healing was right there. I have never been the same. I have experienced a tremendous amount of healing including panic attacks and claustrophobia.

We have been very blessed as a family for Frank’s counseling and his understanding of healing using Theophostic. He is very transport with his own life and along with his willingness to allow Jesus to lead and be a part of the whole process makes him truly effective. My daughter is healed. My husband is in a better place with a much lower level of denial and actively participates in A.A. My son saw Frank for mild depression which is also now gone. Our family is so much happier, peaceful, and stronger. We look forward to the future. I do not hesitate tot tell people about the healing we have received and direct the to Frank’s office.”

Susan C., Chesapeake, VA

Theophostic Counseling has been an answer to my prayers. When I first sought counseling I was full of anger, bitterness, and resentment, I was miserable and hurting everyone around me. I cam in for counseling and learned about Theophostic Prayer, I was willing to try anything. After the first session of prayer, God began to reveal just how much hurt and pain was really in my life. Going back to the beginning of my childhood, God revealed areas hurt and anger and began to immediately heal these areas. Each time I come in for counseling through Theophostic prayer, God would reveal and heal yet another area of brokenness in my life. The results of Theophostic Healing Prayer became evident almost immediately to my family and friends. I began to react to situations in my life in a different way, anger that kept me bound for years is now gone and I was able to walk in forgiveness and a peace that I have never felt before in my life. Theophostic Prayer has truly changed my life.


“I am a strong believer, advocate and testament of Theophostic Counseling and the Lords healing restoration. I spent approximately 30 years of my life in and out of psychiatric offices and institutions. I can’t recall any 24 month period straight free of a hospitalization between the age of 10 and 35. Dr. Smith refers to the revolving door of the same patients; that never seemed to find true and lasting relief for years. That patient was me, over and over and over again, in and out of the struggle with deep depression, manic behavior, attempted suicides, with distorted irrational thinking and behavior. Days I felt crazy and days I knew I wasn’t, trying to find a way to be functioning youth, adult, wife, mother, employee, and Christian.

What was not accomplished in 30 years in and out of conventional counseling offices was healed and restored fully in just a few short years with Theophostic Counseling. Like many who seek counseling, we know what happened (in generalities), we can identify the trauma (sometimes specifically), we can tell you what it was, how it felt and even express most of the details on one level or another. What we usually can not understand is how it created the strange ways in which we perceive things around us and adapt to life based on those internal perceptions. For me, dissociation was so segregated the majority of my life, that a memory of an entire 24-48 hour period with out loss of several hours seldom occurred and it became my norm, and I really thought everyone’s life was the same. In the course of working with Frank Meadows, we discovered coping mechanisms (personalities that identified themselves by their character traits, and some not so pleasant) that literally kept me alive but also unintentionally or intentionally invited evil spirits of self-destruction, doubt and contempt.

Theophostic Counseling restored my mind that was damaged between the age of 3 to 7 by sexual abuse and I started my life at about 39 years old. Odd but not uncomfortable to admit, just odd. As crazy as it sounds I consider it a privilege to have walked through torrential waters of my life to also have had the privilege to experience sitting with our Lord beside the still and peaceful waters that revealed to me many profound things that brought to me freshness and soundness of mind, an understanding of safety, and above all love- love greater than human capacity can fathom.

Today, I am employed at one of the largest and fastest growing Christian Universities in the world. I stand in wonder that I am so privileged and I marvel at the Lords hand upon me and having kept me alive and on the special path he has me on.”

S. H., Gladys, VA

My wife and I were serving as full time missionaries and were recently married. It didn’t take long before we both realized we had some things to work out in ourselves individually as well as our marriage. We fought quite frequently and it was getting quite exhausting. While I went though theophostic prayer with Frank, I came to see that the hurts and wounds of my childhood were affecting my relationships, especially with my wife. The fear of abandonment and neglect I experienced as a child caused me to put up walls and not open up to loved ones. The Lord came and spoke truth to my head and my heart which has made all the difference in my relationships. Since theophostic prayer my relationship with my wife has deepened and gotten a lot better. I am trusting easier and learning to love her better. I would recommend any newly married couple or engaged couple to go through several sessions with Frank to have the Lord heal up any potential areas that would cause them to stumble or prevent the pure love of God to shine through.

BTW, missionary

My whole life I have struggled with feelings of self hatred and rejection. This caused me to be very unsure of myself and even caused occasional times of deep depression. When I got married all these feelings that were hidden deep in my heart became exposed and caused a lot of stress and unnecessary tension in my marriage. I could not hear any advice from my husband without taking offense to it and it left me with even greater feelings of self hatred. I felt that every thing I did was wrong and that I was not wanted by anyone. My husband and I decided to to go to Frank Meadows for Theophostic Prayer Ministry after a good friend suggested it. After only 3 months of ministry my whole life changed. I see myself completely different and my marriage was saved. God encountered me in such a deep way in every session that it changed the very core of how I thought about myself. Now when I hear advice or suggestions from my husband or others I no longer get enraged and sad but rather respond calmly and I can actually listen to what they are saying to me and take it to heart without feeling rejected. I have so much confidence and joy now, I feel like a whole new person. I have been healed and set free and I love myself!
JW, Missionary from Africa

For one, people’s words don’t get to me like they used to. I am speaking of certain people in particular as well as in general. When certain people would accuse me or attack my character based on my past I would get offended. I would feel a piercing in my heart. Although I would try to control myself and hold in my emotion and anger it usually led to me exploding with both of these feelings. Now, I try to relate to a person as to why they feel the way they feel. Either way, I now know in my heart, and not just my head, that God unconditionally loves me and accepts me. In relation to love and acceptance this is important to know because then it doesn’t matter what others say and do to us. So, that’s the first thing and it is so awesome to experience.

Second, I am not so conscious of what people think of me in another way as well. This is concerning my physical appearance. I used to want to hide my body when I didn’t feel I looked like I was attractive. If I had a gut is what I’m particularly referring to. I’ve laid off of the gym a bit lately and have been eating good as well, thus gaining some pounds. I’ve got a bit of a gut and really could care less about it. I mean, it’s still a personal goal of mine to get back in shape and tone up for God, my wife and family, and myself. But it’s just not about looking like a model so others accept me and don’t think I’m fat. This also is awesome and feels great.

Third is not so much about a change in my heart or way of thinking necessarily. Because of the knowledge and understanding of Theophostic Prayer Ministry I now feel it important to pray in a new way. It helps to walk this Christian walk when we understand, even if just on a general level, why we do what we do and feel what we feel. It is my opinion, because I used to do this, that people lie and deceive themselves about what they truly believe and feel. I think they do this because they know God’s Word is contrary to what they think and feel and they feel they shouldn’t think or feel that way. Basically, our hearts reveal what our heads say we shouldn’t feel and we tend to block out our feelings and go with what we “know” we should think and feel.

That’s all I have for now. I know in my heart I will notice more changes as time goes on. God bless you abundantly, Frank.


The Meadow’s Healing Prayer Center is like a green house to me. I have needed a special environment at the right temperature to open up the wounds of the past. Here, I have exposed places of abuse in my life without the threat of incurring more shame. I had no idea how wounded I was from childhood abuse. Forgiving from the heart required me to experience feelings of fear, rejection and confusion. It made me vulnerable. Frank’s work has helped me to cognitively understand how abuse and wounding, no matter how seemingly insignificant, needs to be released at an emotional level. In a very real way it has helped me hide His Word in my heart so I will not sin in the future.

Here are the three biggest changes in behavior I have seen a result of this prayer ministry. I am more present with my family. The emotional detachment I used to protect myself is decreasing. Therefore, we are all able to enjoy each other’s company more. Secondly, there are still times of depression but I am able to practice an active melancholy. The daily duties get done even if I don’t feel good. Finally, an understanding of healthy boundaries has dawned. I am able to keep a good boundaries in relationships because I more aware of how I feel. I don’t have to argue or withdraw. I can be more graceful in stating how I feel. I don’t have to go on guilt trips from other people. When boundaries are built well, my objectivity grows. I can see where I am responsible in a situation. I am learning to say ‘No’. And in learning to say ‘No’ to people, my ‘Yes’ is authentic.

This prayer ministry requires personal responsibility to nurture changes. It is not magic. They take root as I practice them. Christ changes you from the inside out! This is the real deal because no one can take away what God gives you when you wait on Him to heal at a heart level.

J.G. , Virginia

Fear has always been present with my family. It was with my Jewish grandfather as he escaped the terrifying pogroms of Eastern Europe; it was with his family who subsequently died in the holocaust; it was with my Jewish grandmother who feared the Nazi’s would come to the States and take her back to Germany; it was with my mother as she told me, “Jon, remember you’re Jewish and don’t tell anyone.” It was fear that compelled my Mormon grandparents to flee persecution from Christians as they followed the pioneering movement of “Prophet” Joseph Smith. As a result of these and other distasteful experiences, FEAR, particularly of Christians, was firmly rooted in me. It grew so strong that I resolved never to become a Christian. Eventually that predisposition developed into hatred; and hatred, into more fear. But God in His loving mercy provided this unique prayer ministry through which I might change.

At the outset I was interested in Theophostic Prayer Ministry, but became enthralled when I observed a ministry session at a local seminar. Seeing God miraculously and instantaneously heal an emotionally wounded person opened my eyes to my own need for healing. I wanted to know more about that ministry, so I made an appointment with one of the seminar facilitators.

My first personal experience with Theophostic was frustrating and I did not want to come back. I got stuck in a memory and didn’t know why. I did not understand that I controlled my “will” to receive healing: God would not force it on me. The eventual discovery of that concept gave new meaning to the old cliché, “Let go and let God.” I knew I needed healing, so I returned for another session and allowed the Holy Spirit to minister to that memory. Now after several hundred hours of personal prayer ministry, I’ve found freedom in several areas of my life. The greatest of these has been the release from the bondage of fear.

Experiencing Jesus’ perfect love cast out that fear. Repenting of the hatred was easy after that initial understanding. Freedom from fear, freedom from an unseen bondage … Liberty! In that liberty, I am able and willing to attend church with other Christians and experience the richness of being in the Body of Christ. This same freedom has extended to my family and work relationships. But the greatest release has been in giving my testimony. No longer does my Jewish heritage seem threatening; now the knowledge and acceptance of it has become energizing.

In addition, this new found freedom allowed me to see the codependency in my own relationships. In the past I had always worried about every situation I was in. I took too much responsibility for matters at work, at home, in my ministry, and in my extended relationships. No matter how hard I tried, I always fell short of God’s best for my life. Following the Theophostic Prayer Ministry principles brought me to a peace in my own relationship with the Lord. I no longer needed to wrap myself around every person and every situation to prove my significance. I no longer viewed each unsettling event as being “about Me”. I learned that I could simply be and simultaneously at peace about God’s timing and provision for other lives. In this new found freedom I find that I can minister God’s love more effectively.

Another milestone in my walk has been a release from anger. Before Theophostic so many of my responses were driven by anger, an anger that was rooted in my fears. Bringing healing to my memories has removed that fear and ultimately the anger. My response to untimely circumstances is now more appropriate. I am at peace when things go awry; I am at peace even when those around me are doing displeasing things.

Just as the Word says, our mind needs continual renewal and I have determined to seek that healing, that restoration in all the areas of my life.

1 Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.

2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans Chap 12 NASB

Hi Frank,

You had asked me to email you the following week after my prayer session at the prayer ministry training. I’m still in awe that I was chosen to receive prayer counseling that day. In the weeks prior to March 3rd, I had been writing down, while reading Ed Smith’s Manual, lies that I knew I believed. I had a list of about 6 or 7 things I knew were lies that I was believing as truth. After our session, all but one of the things I had written down have been healed. I no longer believe the lies I once believed. I’m amazed that the root lie was not being able to trust Jesus. It makes me sad that I wasn’t able to trust him, because I thought that I did. Maybe, I only trusted Him with somethings before……………………………. Thank you so much for the prayer counseling session, our God is amazing. More amazing that I can imagine.

God Bless,
AC in Pittsburgh, PA

I just want to take a few minutes to thank you Frank for your ministry. to me. Over the last few years I have noticed that there were far to many times when I was not experiencing the best of all the Lord has made available, and found I needed time with someone I felt I could trust to help me find healing and peace over my life. While people may attend church on Sundays and maybe even Wednesday nights, there are indeed days when the troubles of this world seem to overwhelm us; even though we are born again and trying to walk in the spirit. Many need help with the earlier times when things didn’t go so well. I built up a wall to protect myself from the pain of traumatic and tragic circumstances of a suppressed and destructive past. Now I am able to not only recover from many of the false images and memories, but most importantly, be able to forgive those who caused the pain. It was very important to wash away the lie-based-thinking that caused me to put up that wall around me, to protect me from the hurt and misunderstanding I went through. The most important part was identifying that negative method of thinking; and cleaning out and exposing sin’s deepest emotions on my way to recovering and enjoying all that the Lord wants me to share with him. While this life will never be perfect, I am now better equipped to deal with it’s problems and on the right path toward understanding the freedom in the Spirit. Again, a grateful thank you for your listening and being there praying with me.

Yours In The Lord,
D. M.

I had been advised many times in the past about the power of Theophostic prayer to unlock longstanding emotions tied to the past. It wasn’t until I was sent back from the field with advice to deal with some issues and seek counseling that I searched for it and found Frank Meadows. In only a few sessions I could see the roots of so many relational problems unknotted and addressed. Now I’m much freer to continue much more functional and loving relationships, and to return to the field and continue serving.
Overseas worker, SE Asia.

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