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Meadows Healing Prayer Center is a healing prayer ministry with professional expertise based upon the principles of Theophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM) founded by Dr. Ed Smith. Theophostic Ministry is Christ-Centered, faith based, form of intercessory prayer that is being used by thousands of people around the world who are reporting wonderful results. Although scientific research regarding TPM is still in progress and, like any other types of intervention, results cannot be guaranteed, Pastors, Professional Counselors, and Lay Ministers world-wide have reported TPM to be highly effective in bringing relief to people with a wide variety of emotional duress.

CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD of the first 3 chapters of the book “Healing Life’s Hurts” By Dr. Ed Smith for more information about the Theophostic Prayer Ministry.

You can also watch a short video clip of Dr. Ed Smith doing a Theophostic Session. http://theo.zeta-server.com/mediafiles.aspx .

Meadows Healing Prayer Center Founder, Frank Meadows is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years of professional mental health experience. (click here to see bio for more)

Frank has been a professional mental health practitioner since 1980 and has been in private counseling practice since 1987. He has been a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor at Christian Psychotherapy Services in Chesapeake, VA since 1989.

Frank has been effectively utilizing Theophostic for extended times of Healing Prayer Ministry since 1999. Most come locally from with in the region but increasingly many are coming from across the United States and internationally for extended and intensive Healing Prayer Ministry. I have developed the Meadows Healing Prayer Center as many are seeking this type of ministry but do not have anyone in their locality who is effectively utilizing Theophostic Healing Prayer.

Since 1999 Frank has ministered to many from all over Hampton Roads and through out the state of Virginia. Many have also come from as far away as Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, Illinois, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, California, South Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Idaho, Connecticut, Kansas and Delaware. Frank has ministered to those internationally from United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey, India and Africa for extended times of Theophostic Healing Prayer.

Frank has trained his staff at Christian Psychotherapy Services and has facilitated Theophostic Basic Video Conferences, Advanced Training and customized Training to meet the needs of the individual churches or ministries as well as ministering personal healing prayer.

Frank also has developed ministry packages for long long term, intensive healing sessions. He has also developed ministry packages to come to your church or ministry and do intensive healing prayer with the church or ministry staff.

Frank was asked by Dr. Ed Smith to be an advanced Theophostic Video facilitator and trainer and had been trained personally by Dr. Smith the Theophostic Ministries Founder at all levels of Theophostic training. Frank accompanied Dr. Smith to Ghana, Africa to support him and to minister Theophostic Prayer to leaders as Dr. Smith presented his first live Theophostic Basic Training Seminar in Acura, Ghana, Africa in 2006. He also trained and ministered to ministry leaders and pastors in Turkey in 2006 and 2007. Click Here to watch a video about Frank’s Ministry in Turkey.

Frank Meadows has been facilitating ministry since 1999 and has participated in and supervised over 16,000 plus hours of ministry.

He also adheres to the TPM Guidelines.

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