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“I have personally received inner healing prayer ministry from Frank Meadows which has resulted in tremendous breakthroughs! Frank is such a man of integrity and so carries the Father’s heart so that you will be able to let the Holy Spirit go to the deep places and unlock hurts, trauma and pain that has remained hidden. He operates with such love and gentleness along with discernment, words of knowledge and wisdom.

I have found Frank’s Holy Spirit led ministry to be highly effective with lasting fruit. He has spent thousands of hours ministering healing and mind renewal to the wounded, abused, broken and oppressed as well as bringing breakthrough to many in leadership.
I highly recommend and endorse Frank Meadows,LCSW, Founder of the Meadows Healing Prayer Center, in Chesapeake Virginia and his effective, mature, anointed, spirit led, healing prayer ministry.

Frank is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in a Christian private practice and has been a mental health professional since 1980 as well as a gifted teacher.

We all are on a journey and live in the real world where we all experience the hurt and pain of living in a fallen world. It is important to keep our hearts open and allow the Lord to dig in the garden of our hearts and allow His Healing Truth to renew our minds so His love can flow through us increasingly.”

Carol Arnott

John and Carol Arnott are the Founding Pastors and Presidents Catch the Fire (formerly known as the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship) and Overseers of Partners in Harvest Network of Churches.

“I can enthusiastically endorse Frank as one of the most sensitive, insightful, and effective counselors that I have ever met. Being deeply rooted in the truth of scripture, Frank has opened his life and his counseling practice to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Those two commitments, along with his deep passion to love hurting people, truly set him apart in the world of personal counseling.” –Dr. Jay Passavant, Pastor of North Way Christian Community in Wexford, PA.  former Co-host of the television show, “Reality Talks” with Dr. Kevin Lehman.

“I Have known Frank Meadows for over ten years as a peer and a friend…He is a compassionate healer who walks in integrity, transparency, and accountability. He is more than a counselor or prayer guide; he is a spiritual leader with unique and special gifts to the church. Without hesitation I endorse his ministry to churches, pastors and believers.” -Bobby Hill, International Director, Vangaurd Ministries, Virginia Beach, VA

“Through years of serving our community, Frank Meadows has earned a reputation as a counselor who other counselors and pastors highly recommend and seek out for ministry themselves. He possess the unique combination of a broad educational background, spriritual sensitivity and personal warmth. Recently, Frank has helped introduce ‘healing prayer’ to his prfession and to an increasingly wider audience, as well, with both testifying to remarkable results. Because of this, healing prayer is creating a buzz in our community as it is seen as a breakthrough in helping people find lasting change.

I welcome and fully support Meadows Healing Prayer Center and look forward to seeing thousands of lives healed and restored through its ministry.” -Pastor Dan Backens, Senior Pastor,New Life Christian Fellowship, Providence, Virginia Beach, VA

“I have known Frank as a friend and as a fellow-laborer in the healing ministry for over ten years. I have personally received counsel and Theophostic prayer from Frank and have been greatly blessed by his wisdom and sensitivity to the Lord’s leading. He has also served as my counseling supervisor and instructor in the Theophostic ministry. As a pastoral counselor,I have referred a number of individuals to him, confident that they would be in healing hands. I have never been dissapointed and have witnessed significant evidence of healing especially through his healing prayer ministry. In my opinion, Frank is truly gifted by the Lord for the healing ministry and is himself a gift from the Lord to His body not only in this area but internationally.” –Pastor Jim Brown, Church of the Messiah, Chesapeake, Virginia

“Frank Meadows has a unique set of gifts, skills, and a heart that makes him an invaluable resource in the discipline of Healing Prayer. He has proven to be a tremendous blessing personally, to our church and to the many across the nation who have benefited from his leadership.

We consider Frank to be clearly among the most skilled and experienced Theophostic Healing Prayer therapists in America. He is sought out by countless people nation-wide because of his extraordinary skill and experience, with many traveling cross-country to find authentic healing through his therapy.

In addition, Frank has been a pioneer in healing prayer ministry, participating in regional and national trainings for churches and thearpists, training and encouraging hundreds of therapists in basic and advanced Healing Prayer skills. An example is our church’s prayer ministry at North Way Christian Community, which has benefited directly from Frank’s leadership. We now have 35 prayer ministers equipped and engaged to provide 1800 hundred’s of hours of Healing Praying to our community each year. Frank has been instrumental in equipping our ministry and many others nationwide. Frank’s ability to train and encourage are among his greatest strengths

From the many years that I have personally known Frank, I also know his great heart for hurting people. His passion to shine the healing truth of Jesus Christ into their lives provides his motivation and defines his mission. I know his family, his work, and I have seen the integrity with which he conducts his life. Frank is a fully devoted follower of Jesus who has been uniquely gifted by God to equip the Church for health through Healing Prayer.

I unhesitantly recommend individuals and leaders to Franks practice and training environments, and I enthusiastically support his ministry efforts. His work is balanced, Biblical, and simply effective.”

Dan Chaverin, Dan Chaverin, Executive Pastor, Westside Family Church, Lenexa Kansas ( Kansas City Area)

www.westsidefamilychurch.com ( formerly North Way Christian Community  Executive Pastor

I have benefitted tremendously from the ministry God brings through Frank Meadows.  Though I have know him for a brief time (Fall 2007), I am comfortable to put myself in his care as a trustworthy, gracious, non-judgmental and competent servant.  Frank has led me through some challenging journeys through dark and difficult valleys, and he will be one of the first people I go to for ministry in the future.  To have Frank alongside is to have an incarnation of Christ’s loving and hopeful presence.

As a trained professional counselor I have long heard about Theophostic prayer ministry, but I was always skeptical. Frank put the best face on it I’ve ever seen, and now I am a grateful beneficiary and passionate of this approach.  You won’t go wrong by receiving ministry or training from Frank. He is all about the right stuff for the right reasons. If you suspect that it would be good to be led into the Father’s presence for healing and release you can’t do any better than asking Frank to help you.

Jeff Williams, President Grace and Truth Relationship Education

Marriage Coach and Coach Trainer

Professional Clinical Counselor

“I have been acquainted with Frank Meadows for nearly ten years. He has been a trusted friend and an incredibly valuable resource person in ministry. Over the years, I have referred has been strongly positive. The healing prayer ministry has given to many people major breakthroughs in dealing with issues that have plagued them for years. Personally, I have experienced deep healing my own life through Frank’s ministry. I can recommend Frank Meadows without reservation because of his commitment to Biblical truth, the power of the ministry of healing prayer, and his personal integrity.” -Jess Jackson, Senior Pastor, New Song Fellowship, Virginia Beach, VA

“I can say without reservation that he is committem to his faith in Jesus Christ and the values of his Christianity.Through the years, he has helped our church establish one of the most effective helping ministries in the Pittsburgh area. I would wholeheartedly endorse him in his ability to counsel, and to train and equip others to counsel. (John over sees the largest Theophostic Healing Prayer Ministry in the United States)” -Pastor John Syes, MA Pastor of Counseling and Healing Prayer Ministries, North Way Christian Community, Wexford, PA

“I have known Frank Meadows for over 20 years. I consider him a trusted friend and one of the most dynamic and effective professional counselors I have had the privilege to know. I have served as an assistant pastor of a large Charismatic church for 8 years. One of my primary responsibilities has been to provide pastoral counseling to parishioners. During my first year in the pastorate, I quickly learned that I could not adequately handle some of the issues and psychological disorders presented by individuals within the congregation. Withing the first year of pastoring I was introduced to Christian Psychotherapy and Frank Meadows. Frank has proven to be an excellent partner in ministry as he has not only provided competent psychological care to individuals referred to him from New Life Providence, but he is also powerfully gifted to minister to their spirit as well as using the Theophostic ministry principles and techniques. Many lives have been changed as a result of Theophostic Ministry principles and techniques. Many lives have been changed as a result of Frank’s ability to combine the varied natural and spiritual tools that God has given him to lead men and women to a life of freedom. I recommend him highly to any individual or organization that is searching for a gifted and competent professional.” -Pastor Kevin Turpin, New Life Christian Center Executive, Virginia Beach, VA-Executive Director, Life Enrichment Center, Norfolk, VA.

“In my many years of practice as a psychiatrist, I have never overlooked the importance of incorporating, (first and foremost), the spiritual aspect of the healing process. No amount of the best research and the best medicine can accomplish anything with out God’s permission. I wholeheartedly and humbly endorse without any reservation, Frank Meadows God given gift of Theophostic Ministry.”-Angelina Guanzon, MD, Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Christian Psychotherapy Services, Virginia Beach,VA

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